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Behavioral Health

Clinical Neuropsychologist - Jayna Mercado, Ph.D.
As a civilian, there is opportunity for advancement and access to unique jobs. You are rewarded for your performance and can grow within the organization.

Want to learn more about the Civilian Corps? View any of the employee profiles below to hear about our experiences and find out if this exciting opportunity is the right match for you.

Medical Laboratory Technician + click view video testimonial

Medical Laboratory Technician

Adam Lowery
The manner in which technology is presented in the laboratory is constantly evolving – there is always something new to learn. Every military facility is a teaching environment.

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Chief, Traumatic Brain Injury Center + click view video testimonial

Chief, Traumatic Brain Injury Center

Amy Bowles, MD
Traumatic Brain Injury is a new service for the army. We have the responsibility to learn and do things the right way. I have a great deal of support and an incredible team to work with.

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Clinical Pharmacist + click view video testimonial

Clinical Pharmacist

Brian Barthol, Pharm.D.
Working for the Civilian Corps has provided me with an educational opportunity to learn and to teach. The availability of electronic medical charts has enabled us to access information, formulate a plan and make recommendations to the medical team.

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Occupational Therapist + click view video testimonial

Occupational Therapy

Christopher Ebner
Everyday that I come to work, I feel extremely proud of the progress I witness. The accessibility to advancements in prosthetics and opportunity to work with individuals, who are willing to sacrifice for our country, means a lot to me.

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Chief, General Medicine Service + click view video testimonial

Chief, General Medicine Service

Doug Boyer
The patients, families and retirees under my care have served selflessly. I find this type of care very rewarding. Working as an army civilian has given me an opportunity to do both in- and out-patient care.

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Physician + click view video testimonial


Kristen Gold Hammer, MD
This is a cause I believe in - I enjoy working with the military community. Civil service has offered me so many opportunities to work in my area of expertise.

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Inpatient Pharmacist + click view video testimonial

Inpatient Pharmacist

Luz Marina Drouillard
I have had the opportunity to work for a Level 1 Trauma Center. Working as a civilian for the Army, we work as a team with organization and structure.

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Computer Tomographer + click view video testimonial

Computer Tomographer

Monica Rettenmier
We are focused on patient care and team work. From traumas, to cardiac studies, to focused studies, we are at the cutting edge of medicine.

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Medical Technologist + click view video testimonial

Medical Technologist

Yvonne Spade
Our laboratory is certified by the College of American Pathologists and our blood bank is certified by the American Association of Blood Banks – we are at the cutting edge.

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